Project Services

Why should you use VALANS’ High Pressure Casting Project service?

Once your data and mold layout have reached to us, first, a feasibility is made by our team and your casting part is analyzed. At this stage, you will be offered a suitable press and process recommendation. After we agree on the details such as the alloy information, the number of the cavity in the mold, the working condition of the casting part; delivery time of the project is offered to you and we start to work after approval.

The complete process design with the new gating system, air flows, vacuum, cooling lines or squeeze pin (if required) is completed by our team to produce the most efficient and trouble-free casting. At a assigned time, at a meeting where your engineering team will participate, you will be presented with the simulation results of the final data, along with the CAD data and the optimized process parameters that you will use.

Original and optimized images of a gating sample optimized in VALANS

In this meeting, we will share with you the details of how we proceeded during the optimization process, what we paid attention to, what concerns we had about the casting part and how we solved the problems that arise, we ensure that your project team is involved and we aim to contribute to your information library by this way.

After the mold production is completed, VALANS team will be on your phone 24/7 when you have any questions or problems during the period of casting trials.

We optimize your high pressure die casting parts with our gating design services.

In order to be sufficiently competitive in today’s global market, we offer you more than traditional runner design techniques, we aim to meet the requirements of perfecting in casting.

Some of the services we provide within our project service are:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Gating design
  • Machine locking calculations
  • Thermal design and analysis
  • Die venting and overflow design
  • Process simulation
  • Mold design etc.