JSCAST® Casting Simulation

JSCAST® is a Japanese Casting Simulation software.

The first version was released as ’Soldia’ in 1986, and in 1996 it was named JSCAST.

The 16th edition of JSCAST® is now available.

The software, developed by KOMATSU Ltd, a Japanese company, continues to evolve continuously, including a joint venture by TOSHIBA Machinery and OSAKA University.

JSCAST® received the title of ‘Best Selling Casting Simulation Software’ in Japan.

JSCAST®, with the assurance of VALANS is now in Turkey!

The distinctive features of JSCAST®;

  • User-friendly interface
  • Modeling of geometry closer to reality with ‘Mixed Mesh’ algorithm
  • Back Pressure calculation
  • Effect of 3rd phase on pressure die casting
  • Shot Sleeve simulation in high pressure die casting
  • Cyclic cooling module
  • Feeder Analysis
  • Sand and slag entrapment
  • Oxide and inclusion estimation
  • Micro and macro porosity estimation
  • Heat-related deformation module
  • Material preparation with integrated JMatPro® software


Zamak 5 alloy with hot chamber in JSCAST®
Happy New Year 2019 from JSCAST®
Iron casting simulation to sand mold (Solidification) with JSCAST®
Do you know that one of the world’s leading companies in Lost Foam use JSCAST®?
Iron casting simulation to the sand mold (Filling Temperature) with JSCAST®
High pressure Die Casting – Shot Sleeve Simulation with JSCAST®
JSCAST® Casting Simulation – Permanent Mold Casting, Pressure Die Casting, Tilt Casting.
How is the filling of your casting part? For a successful casting, the liquid metal must enter the ingates at the same time.
JSCAST® Casting Simulation – Sand Casting, Investment Casting, Iron Casting, Steel Casting, Lost Foam Casting
How does your casting part solidify? To better learn the cooling behavior of the casting part, it is a good start to simulate the solidification of the cast only.