About Us

VALANS was established in Kartal, Istanbul in 2012; in the light of knowledge, experience, creativity and responsibility, it works with the understanding of providing the most advanced technology to its customers and providing services with the most efficient solutions.

Our dynamic team, which has been specializing in personal experience for more than 20 years, has gathered under a roof in VALANS.

Our company is based on the focus of solution partnership in casting.
In addition to simulation services, our team also provides high pressure die casting trainings, technical consultancy. We also offer special equipment and solution options within the scope of turnkey projects.

At VALANS, customer satisfaction is aimed at the highest level at every stage of the solution process.

‘As we come from within the process, we know the problems and needs very well, and we are constantly looking for ways to make more contributions to the Turkish foundry.’

Our Aim

Our main goal is to follow the technology closely and to serve with a healthy and sustainable momentum in the sector for many years.

In this process, it is our main mission to contribute to the development of the casting sector, to contribute to the target of successful foundryman who has made a habit of obtaining efficient, efficient castings.

Choose VALANS ! Because..

  • To improve your molds..
  • In your new projects, for a defect-free casting..
  • To improve your engineering team by buying simulation software
  • To optimize your urgent and important projects using simulation software with rental license..
  • To take advantage of our referenced ‘Casting Trainings’
  • To get continuous support within our Technical casting consultancy service..

Call us for the most efficient solutions in casting.