K-Compare Validate

K-Compare® Validate software minimizes the time spent complying with DPD (Digital product definition) and MBD (Model based definition) process requirements.

K-Compare® Validate is a comprehensive and independent model validation software with a fast and user-friendly interface.

Aerospace part suppliers in DPD/MBD programs are required to document their processes to ensure their digital product descriptions maintain geometric accuracy during all CAD transfers. For example; K-Compare® Validate is the leading standalone program that provides fast, complete auditing of translations and automatic compliance reporting to meet standards such as Boeing D6-51991 Rev N. Options are available to read all major CAD files without requiring additional CAD software.

A Single Viewer for All Data

Examine the data easily with the advantage of time and cost.

CAD data comparison

We're sure it's drawn correctly. But it's worth verifying.

Model Inquiry and Measurement

Measure your results

Quality Documentation and Reporting

For full process monitoring, have complete monitoring capability.

Verification by Comparing Different CAD Formats

Validate data with any extension impartially.

Batch Data Validation

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